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August 22, 2013
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MS]]whatisconsistency-kun by kuribi MS]]whatisconsistency-kun by kuribi
larger refs can be found at… and… bTW AKI'S MUM AND DAD DON'T HAVE NAMES BC I LEGIT DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SEARCH UP MORE FINNISH NaMES AKI'S NAME WAS ALREADY A FRICKIN CHORe y eah i'm also not sure how airplanes work so


★name★ Joakim Laine (Aki, for short and don't call him Jojo unless you want your tongue ripped out)
★age★ 18
★gender★ Male
★nationality★ Finnish

| outgoing |
| impatient | The longest period of time Aki can sit still and wait is around five minutes. After that, he gets all fidgety.
| courageous | He's courageous. Ish. If an event will leave a scratch on his face, he tends to opt out of it if possible. If there is a burning building and there's a kid inside it, he will only run inside if it doesn't leave a burn on his face or anything. :iconmingplz:
| narcissistic | Perhaps this has something to do with his parents incessantly doting upon him, but Aki is extremely narcissistic and completely admits to it. He even has a mirror in most of his bags.
| optimistic | He's more of a 'the glass is half-full' type person, and will remain so until whatever he is whatever event he is being optimistic about is flat-out proven otherwise.

Aki's family story is much like that of many immigrant families. Before his birth, Aki's family lived in Finland. His mother worked as a doctor, while his father a well-respected university professor. His mother's dream had always been to live in a foreign country, preferably America. After much discussion, the couple decided to move to America. They found a nice little place in the suburbs of New York, which happened to be slightly outside of their budget but figured they could manage after finding proper jobs in America, and their citizenships were granted not long after settling down. However, the couple soon met a barrier. After months of fruitless job hunts, the two finally decided to apply for (multiple) minimum wage jobs. Not many places in which they searched hired foreign-trained people, citizens of the States or not. Many a time, they contemplated returning to Finland. The problems were, however, something akin to pride, as well as Aki's father's deathly fear of flying. Once, he tolerated it, but would not again. In addition, by this time Aki's mother was already pregnant with Aki. To support his pregnant wife and unborn son, Aki's father worked twice as hard. He held many jobs, though all of low-pay. Many a day he would operate through the day on a mere three hours of sleep a night.

Aki was born as something similar to a miracle in the eyes of his parents, and right from the start they doted on him. Though they never went so far as to splash money around on a whim for him, his parents certainly did fawn over him far more than necessary. Growing up, Aki understood his family's situation and never asked for much. Instead, he diverted his desires elsewhere. ("Why would I want anything when my face already holds everything I could ever want?") His shabby, third-hand clothing never bothered him though if you messed up his face he would mess you up nor did anything in his family's household. He loved his parents and home either way. Partway through his tenth year, his family's condition took a turn. Not only his mother's luck with jobs changed, as she managed to get hired at a local clinic, his father scraped together enough money to attend a nearby college. It would not be long before he would be back to teaching, he often told Aki. For awhile, things seemed almost perfect, and four short years later, Aki's father graduated from the said college, as well as teachers' college and was ready to look for a teaching job.

A mere month after acquiring his teaching license and before actually beginning work as a teacher, Aki's father received a phone call from Finland. He learned that his mother and Aki's grandmother's health was gradually declining, and his presence was urgently required. After much debate with his wife, Aki's father decided upon flying back to Finland temporarily, leaving his wife and son behind. The day of the flight was a mere week before Aki's birthday, and the return flight a day after. Before leaving, Aki's father pulled Aki aside and told his son his reason for despising air travel [which i shall not explain but have thought up an entire thing for this] and handed him something of a family heirloom, a ring. He told Aki the ring supposedly belonged to one of their ancestors, who was told to be royalty of some form. He then told Aki that it was his early birthday gift, and that Aki should have a wonderful birthday. Early the next morning, Aki's father left for Finland.

An uneventful week passed by, and at long last, the day for Aki's father return rolled around. However, that morning the news told of a different story. A dreadful accident occurred at an incredibly familiar-sounding airport, in which the landing gear failed in a jetliner coming in from Finland. There was no number of reported injuries, though there was already a reported two deaths. Aki's father never returned home. [pREDICTABLE IRONY NOT SORRY Bye i'm just hella tired rn gomen] With the death of Aki's father, his mother worked twice as hard. She worked double shifts at the clinic most days, and worried about the future incessantly. Five months later, the mother and son learned of the death of Aki's paternal grandmother, and the decent amount of inheritance that had been left to them. The family of two relocated for a fresh start and ended up living in a high rise condo in New York City, using the inheritance money. Aki's mother found a new job at another clinic, though she now did not have to work double shifts. For the next three years they lived in peace until Tore's sudden arrival to their little home.

tl;dr aki's family move then they poorpoor and aki's dad deadead but then they get lots of money and they move and then some shitty talking turtle joins their family yeah


★magical name★ Super Soldier Regal Purple [i wanted regal crown but idk are crowns purple :iconimsotiredcryplz:]
★color★ Royal Purple
★quote★ "Crown upon crown, I bid thee go forth, kings of old!" [tots not cute but w/e]
★heart gem★
The one thing Aki treasures the most, more so than himself, would be the ring given to him by his father. The said ring happens to be a family heirloom, and the first (and only) expensive item his father ever gave him. It also happens to be one of the last things his father ever presented to him before his death.


★name★ Tore
★animal type★ Turtle (false form)
★gender★ Male ♂

Back on Angellion, Tore was known for being three things: a notorious playboy [playAngellus? :iconpapmingplz:], yet serious to the boot about his job. The last thing he was known for was his eccentricity when it came to said jobs. He would be completely devoted for awhile, then quit out-of-the-blue, for no apparent reason. It wasn't that he disliked being tied down; heck, Tore himself didn't even know why. It was something of an unquestioned ritual for him. He enjoyed sticking to schedules, the same routine day after day, until it was broken and a new one replaced it. When Angellion fell under attack, Tore, quite frankly, was more worried about the fact that his familiar routines would be broken. While making the long travel to Earth, Tore mellowed. The long journey of simply doing nothing broke him free of his habit (although only slightly, it was still a start). As time passed he weakened, and to save his strength, he reverted back to his false form of a simple box turtle.

Weeks after Tore's arrival on Earth, he finally managed to crawl his way to a place with human civilization. He crawled into a park and decided to stay there for the time being, to rest and regain a bit of his strength. Never before had he been that slow and powerless. He figured he would adjust to the changes in time, but still cringed at the thought. While daydreaming and longing for his true form, he failed to notice a boy on a bike, closing in on him at a dangerous speed. The kid didn't seem to be paying attention to the road ahead of him either. Fortunately, Tore noticed in time for him to move so that he was not hit straight on, but was still sent flying off to the side. The boy on the bike, too, was sent off balance, and fell onto the nearby grass. A torrent of profanities later, Tore was plucked from the ground by the boy (whom had heard all of the curses screamed by the turtle and was rather shocked by such) and prodded at. (Curiousity. "Is this a toy?" Amazement. "It's such a realistic toy, oh my god." Screaming. "Not a toy, not a toy, not a toy--" More screaming. "It bit me-- CRAP I'M BLEEDING--" More curiosity. "What in the world are you?") The boy introduced himself as Aki, and eventually brought Tore home for further inspection. It was only after a full three months had passed, after Tore grudgingly accepted the fact that Aki could be trusted, that the pair exchanged hearts.

Despite the fact that it's been less than half a year since their meeting, Aki and Tore now get along rather splendidly mainly due to the fact that Tore found out Aki has a really nice butt and warmed up pretty easily after that, and Tore has practically integrated himself into the family. Tore's broken out of the habit of following a set routine day in and day out (though when Aki first brought him home, the Angelus drove Aki near-mad with his little rituals), and now lives for the moment and makes decisions when things come to (and it still drives Aki nuts, seeing as Tore doesn't decide on things until the last moment, or even after things have already passed). Everyday, the pair bicker like an old couple, but by the end of the day, the two will have resolved whatever petty fight they've gotten into. The two share a love-hate relationship, but under all the pride and jeers thrown back and forth, the two are pretty close.


★name★ Macepter [woah pathetic amazeballs naming skills alert]
★description★ Aki's weapon is a blend of about two things: a mace, and a staff, thus it has the ability to be used as both (amazingly). A sharp tip is fixed into the top of the mace head (though it isn't sharp enough to draw blood, merely give a strong jab). The mace head is made of an unknown material, though it is rather similar to marble. (And, yes your eyes do not deceive you. There is indeed a little face on the mace head.)

★magical move★
When this move is used, the mace head grows to about the size of a volleyball and a small current of electricity runs through whatever comes in contact with it (nothing fatal or exactly dangerous, mind you).


☆ to be completely honest, he got over his father's death very quickly and it didn't really bother him all that much
☆ his birthday is the 2nd of January
☆ his least favorite color happens to be purple but that asshole Tore made his entire mahou outfit purple because it happened to be Tore's favorite color

what are those again

character themes
main theme
battle theme 1st ed
battle theme 2nd ed
intense battle theme
"tore stop touching my frickin butt" theme
joakim's "i'm a loner and possibly brooding" theme
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rahmennoodlez Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Hey, Kuri!! I never dropped by to say that your boyo and his angelus are super cool so let's get that down first. AAAAAGHRTHG as said, I really do like you son and really want to meet him! He seems like someone Justice would get along with after some time and I think it'd be fun if they could meet despite the three year age difference //weeps at young son// And I'll admit to you now that this whole time, I've been waiting for one Angelus pimp. At least one, and you have fulfilled that mighty need. *-* 

Anyway! This is dumb of me but I was wondering if you'd like to RP sometime! Anywhere you're comfortable with is fine with me!
kuribi Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
ahhhh hi there rah n Q n sdfh omg justice is a cute lil babu too and he seems super duper cool as well  yeAH LET'S RP SOMETIME AAhhhhh idk i'm fine with anything w/b you :iconpapmingplz: though i do have a burning hate for dA notes ahahahha :iconimsotiredplz:
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love him! He's a handsome baby :hear:

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kuribi Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
ahhh thank you :iconblushuplz: lMFAO YEAH the angelus i had a lot of fun making :iconcoolplz:
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